About us

AS Associates provides accounting, auditing, tax services, information technology assurance and consulting services with difference. We provide a wide range of business support services to an extensive range of organisations and individuals, throughout the UK. Our close relationship with our clients provides an insight into a far wider range of business situations than is traditionally associated with an accountancy practice. As a result we seek to ensure that clients are kept abreast of the new opportunities which arise in the business world.

Our clients come to us and, more importantly, stay with us because they know our reputation as competent and reliable business advisers. To achieve this we draw on an extensive pool of experience and ability. Our people are our greatest asset. We invest heavily in innovation, information technology and training to ensure that our partners and staff are able to deliver the high quality services demanded by today’s clients, whether their needs are simple or complex.

Our Mission

Each client is unique and deserves individual attention. We are always available to answer client questions, whether simple or complex. We believe in the value of being business Advisors, and adding value to clients businesses.

Our mission is to provide excellence in service. Our aim is to become partners in client’s success, assuring achievements of their potential goals.

We focus on careful selection of highly integrated and growth-oriented clients.